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    There are numerous products that can help with rehab if you are injured or pushing your body to the limits. Its important top get the right equipment for your particular need.

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    <p><a href="">Kin</a> discusses strengthening exercises for the lower back to help with Pain.</p>

    Kin discusses strengthening exercises for the lower back to help with Pain.

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    <p><a href="">Personal trainer,</a> discusses using an exercise stick for flexibility.</p>

    Personal trainer, discusses using an exercise stick for flexibility.

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    <p><a href="">Physiotherapist</a> discusses the benefits of exercise bands.</p>

    Physiotherapist discusses the benefits of exercise bands.

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    <p><a href="">Physiotherapist</a> discusses benefits of foot rollers.</p>

    Physiotherapist discusses benefits of foot rollers.

  • Home Equipment - Foam Roller

    There’s a lot of tools that we have access to now that can take rehab from the clinical setting to a person’s home. And one of the tools that I frequently use is a simple foam roller, now these come in different lengths. This just happens to be a smaller version, and you can use these foam rollers for just simple stretching, or soft tissue work, where you kind of roll different muscles on to to get rid of tender spots, tight bands and get the elasticity and suppleness back into your muscle. Local Physiotherapist  


    Often seeing a family doctor  for a referral to a physiotherapist in conjunction with acupuncture or massage therapy is a great option in conjunction with Smart Food Now and exercise. 

    They’re inexpensive to purchase, and they don’t take a lot of room. So this is one of the tools that I frequently use with clients when I want them to reproduce what we do in the clinic.

    Presenter: Mr. Behnad Honarbakhsh, Physiotherapist, Vancouver, BC

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  • A Standing Squat with Tubing

    For more advanced motion, you simply combine the two together. That way you’re activating both the upper and the lower at the same time. Simply when you get into your squat position, you go back and you pull the coat tubing down with you. 

    Often seeing a local family physician or a registered dietitian and athletic therapist is a great option to take control of this condition. Physiotherapy and exercise is also optimal for overall health. You come back up, you bring it up, you come back down, you bring the tubing with you. So you’re getting a contraction on both sides of the muscle group, both the lower and the upper are being activated. Local Kinesiologist 

    This is a very effective exercise for both strengthening the upper lats and the gluteal muscles in the low back. Repetitions are 15 to 20. Do it nice and slow and keep a concentration on being very much centered in your body and going at a very steady pace. Presenter: Mr. Jackson Sayers, Kinesiologist, Vancouver, BC

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  • Hamstring Stretch: Exercise Tubing

    A very good stretch for the hamstring revolves around lying on the ground and using some tubing. You just want to put the exercise tubing around your toe, get into a nice position, and pull the leg up. Your other leg is flat on the ground, knee slightly bent, and from here you get a nice pull on your hamstring.

    What you want to be thinking about is just firing up that hamstring a little bit, contracting the muscles, taking away the pain out of the very tight spot. And from here you just want to give it a gentle pull.

    For a bit more advanced hamstring stretch, you simply move your toe up and down and that will extend the whole sciatic nerve that goes up the back of the leg, it'll just sort of extend it a little bit. Pull it back and forth. It'll also stretch the calf out a little bit.

    This is a very effective tool if you don't have a door frame, and you want to stretch your hamstring out when you're lying on the ground.

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