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  • Obesity

    Smart Food Now : Obesity is a chronic disease. 2015 was the year where the Canadian Medical Association recognized obesity as a chronic disease. For decades, obesity was recognized as a risk factor to develop other complications such as diabetes and hypertension.

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    <p><a href="">&nbsp;Endocrinologist</a>, discusses causes of <a href="">obesity.</a></p>

     Endocrinologist, discusses causes of obesity.

  • What Are The Causes of Obesity?

    The question of what causes obesity is a difficult one. It’s not purely one simple factor. There are multiple factors that come together that cause people to gain weight. The first factor is genetic. If you have relatives that are overweight you’re at risk for gaining weight.


    Anything that is affecting your sleep adversely will put you at risk for gaining weight, whether that is a primary sleep disorder, sleep apnea, or an overly busy lifestyle that deprives you of sleep will set the stage for weight gain.

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